Workshops & Events

We offer a variety of free workshops and classes to help you get your finances on track. Take a look at the calendar and sign up for a class today!

Financial Coaching

Reach self-defined financial goals with the help of financial coach who will monitor your progress and provide supportive feedback to support those goals.

Debt Management

Our counselors can help you develop a repayment plan suitable to your financial situation to repay your unsecured debt.

IDA Savings Program

Get even more out of the money you save! With the IDA Program, every dollar you save gets matched at a 2-to-1 rate. Find out if you qualify!

From our clients:

12/21/2021 – “You have no idea how you have helped me. I awoke this morning feeling like an ordinary woman who is excited to be alive and who has years of happiness and service to others ahead of me. Again, thank you!”

3/6/2019 “I would like to thank McKenzie personally who works at Fair Credit Foundation for helping me see a foreseeable future in my goals to establish and maintain good credit. And for leading me in a good direction that saved me from bankruptcy and around over 20,000 in debt.”