Expanding Financial Capability since 1997

OUR MISSION: Teach individuals and families how to manage their finances wisely to improve and sustain financial well-being.

Board of Directors

Board Chair
Stephen Fitzpatrick, GM Financial
Vice Chair
Matthew Ballard, Kirton McKonkie
Jon Behrmann, State of Utah
Nathan Cluff, Wex Bank
Cassie Alvey, Morgan Stanley
Cameron Bishop, RANLife Homes
Lauren A. Chapman, Nelnet Bank
C. Jimmy Choi, U.S. Bank
Glenn Herzberg, Healthpocket
Ptoshia K. Merrills, BMW Bank of North America
Tricia Schumann, Bachhealth-Pitchhealth
Paul R. Thomsen, JP Morgan Chase

What We Do

AAA Fair Credit Foundation (FCF) is an award-winning HUD-approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping consumers expand financial capability and reclaim their financial future. Our programs and services are designed to assist individuals and families move from crisis to control by creating a long-term action plan for financial security. Our programs and services include confidential financial guidance counseling, debt management relief programs, financial literacy education, Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) and other programs that promote financial capability. FCF is home of the Utah Individual Development Account Network (UIDAN), Utah Saves, and is a community leader in several financial empowerment and literacy initiatives including: CFED Assets & Opportunities and Earn It. Keep It. Save It.

Our Vision

Educate and empower individuals and families on core financial management competencies and asset-building strategies in a rapidly changing financial environment by integrating key strategies including financial education, managing credit and debt, getting banked, asset building, and utilizing tax credits. We will accomplish this by increasing awareness and connecting those we serve to available programs, services, tools and resources to help improve and sustain their financial well-being.

Fair Credit Team

Executive Director
Ellen Billie
Accounting Manager
Robert Knaus
Financial Coaching Team
McKenzie Walsh
Itzel Leon
Megan Rogers
Heather Marshall
Regan Duffin