Budgeting Assistance

Our certified credit counselors are ready to answer questions about your cash flow and help you develop a customized spending plan.

FREE Budget Assessment

We offer free, confidential, budget review sessions with a Certified Financial Counselor. Our counselors will review your current situation and perform an assessment of your income, living expenses, and debt to help you manage your monthly bills, set aside money for savings, and set and achieve financial goals.

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Budget Counseling

During your counseling session, you will receive advice on how to develop and balance a budget, manage money, use credit wisely, and build a savings plan. This FREE service is available in-person and over the phone to help you gain more control of your finances.

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“I paid off $30,000 in debt!”

“When I began working with Fair Credit, I was considering personal bankruptcy with a credit score in the 600’s and 99% revolving credit utilizations. Thanks to Fair Credit, I avoided bankruptcy, paid off $30,000 in credit card debt over 5 years, bought a house, and achieved a perfect 850 credit score – just 8 years after beginning the journey.” – Anonymous