Give the Gift of Hope This Holiday Season

Help Us Meet a Board Challenge and Raise $35,000 by December 1, 2018
As you prepare for holiday feasts and sleighs full of toys, low-income working Utahns worry about feeding their children & explaining why Santa is not coming to their house.

Fair Credit, a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization has provided free financial counseling services to Utahns since 1997. Our mission is to “teach individuals and families how to manage their finances wisely to improve and sustain financial well-being.”

Our services: 1:1 financial coaching, credit and budget counseling, debt management plans, savings programs and housing counseling help people acquire the financial skills and positive behaviors to move out of poverty. The people we serve feel lost, confused and overwhelmed. Your donation by check or via our website will help people like Sally and Claire create a plan for financial freedom.

Sally has recently lost her job and is worried about her family’s finances. She has three children including one with special needs. Her husband has a stable but low paying job. They are in debt, with two payday loans, but are making the minimum payments monthly. The family lives paycheck -to–paycheck. Sally would like to work on improving her family’s finances but doesn’t know where to start.

Claire works a minimum wage job and long hours. She also takes care of her sister who has demanding health issues. Claire feels incredibly lonely in her struggles and has sought help through various programs throughout the years. She’s invested time and effort but sees very little impact on her life. Sometimes, she feels resentful and stuck in a perpetual cycle of struggle and can’t understand why she keeps being moved around between programs without anyone telling her why. : 801-656-1610 |